Cherry Blossom Viewing around Himeji Castle

Himeyama is the famous place for cherry blossom viewing around Himeji Castle. It is also contained in “Manyoshu” an ancient anthology of Japanese poems. When the cherry blossoms begin to bloom, the Japanese will spreading mat on the ground under the trees and having “Hanami”, a banquet party. Some people think Hanami is kind of drinking party, but in fact the essence is to interact with God by loving flowers, devoting sake and food. Many of the Japanese people goes Hanami with a box lunch. Please try to enjoy Hanami with cheese, sandwiches and homemade cooking at the picnic mood. Since the morning and evening is cool even in the spring, it is recommended to be laid leisure sheet on the ground. The cherry blossoms begin to bloom from around late March, and must be careful, start scattering in less than a week.
Refrain from folding branches of the beautiful cherry tree.