Himeji Castle Festival

“Himeji Castle Festival” will be held from May 20, 2016 (Friday) to
22 (Sunday). This was started from 1948, as a pledge for the Himeji Castle which miraculously saved at the World War 2. This is the year of 67th.
May 20 (Friday)’s night, the “Takigi-Noh” in Noh stage burning
bonfire. 21 (Saturday), parades and dancing at Otemae Street and
Otemae park during the day. From 15:00 on 21 (Saturday) ‘s
“Jidai-Parade Attraction”, the citizens march dressed in Edo era
costumes, is recommended. From 18:00, “Sou-Odori Attraction” can participate also people overseas, by all means, rent Yukawa and try to join the dance.