Jyokamachi Yomogi Festival 2016

“Jyokamachi Yomogi Festival 2016”  will be held from May 15, 2016 (Sunday) to 22 (Sunday).  There is the legend of Himeji’s Jyunisyo Shrine. More than 1000 years ago from now, when disease was prevalent in town of Himeji, 6 meters height of 12 mugworts(=“Yomogi” in Japanese) had grown in the night. By god’s message, “You should be cured with this mugworts”, rubbed sick person with mugworts and all cured… This “Yomogi Legend” inspired students at University of Hyogo, and then the festival was carried out. About 30 shops around Himeji castle serves special mugwort of “Good for eating, drinking, apply, soaking and burning” in this festival. Please enjoy the 3rd time of Himeji’s specialty event.