Fireworks Display Calendar at Harima Area, accessible from Himeji (Late August, 2016)

Japanese fireworks are said to the World’s most elaborated craftwork.
Fireworks ball is perfectly round and it opens spherical shape in the
air. Then you can enjoy the same form from any direction. Firing sound
like “dong” echoes your chest. And also attractive color changes in
various ways. In Harima area, it will also be held a lot of fireworks
display in August. Enjoy your summer with them.

Mikaduki Higiri-Jizouson Summer Festival Firework Display (Approx. 700 shots)
– Aug 23(Tue) 20:30 – 21:00 [Scheduled / Canceled in case of bad weather]
– Mikata Satoyama Park, Sayo-cyo
– Phone 0790-79-2981 [Mikaduki Branch, Sayo-cyo Public Office]

The 11th Heso-no Nishiwaki, Texture Summer Festival (Approx. 2000 shots)
– Aug 27(Sat) 20:30 – 20:50 [Canceled in case of bad weather]
– Kakogawa Riverbed, Nishiwaki-city
– Phone 0795-22-3111 [Summer Festival Committee]