Sale at Otemae Park (Near Himeji Castle) : Japanese pottery

More potteries gathered from the 33 production area in Japan. In addition to the exhibition sales corner where you can purchase for reasonable price, the pottery experience corner using hand-powered “Rokuro” (throw) and the corner where you can make simple painting on unglazed pottery. We also recommend tea ceremonies where you can taste Japanese tea at Japanese bowls.

The 29th National Pottery Sales
– Nov 2 – 6, 2016 from 10: 00-17: 00
– Location Otemae Park (Himeji castle soba)
– Free

The almond toast of homemade bread, Komfee Cafe

When you are in Himeji, almond toast is the best for breakfast. Since toast before spreading almond butter, you can enjoy crispy and hot bread.
Komufee, near Himeji Castle, at Honmachi shopping street, is the cafe. At morning time, 8:00 – 11:30, the shop proud to serve almond toast of homemade bread with macaroni and egg salad everyday by affordable price. In addition, you can choose from plain butter, honey cinnamon and strawberry sauce. English menus are available. Very friendly for travelers.

Recommended for vegetarian, beans curry! “Spice Suehiro”

While genuine curry, it is easy to eat. “Spice Suehiro” is concerned with this.
Beans curry of lentils and potatoes are softer texture, is blended more than 10 kinds of various spices, then recommended for vegetarians. The plates arranged with potato sabzi (fried with spices), pickles, basil tofu and papad (Indian crackers). And with small salad. “Since the beans curry is not on the menu, please ask us,” the shop owner said. English menu is coming soon.


Himeji’s original almond toast at Hamamoto Coffee

Almond toast bread is one of the best of Himeji’s specialty. It has already been served about 40 years ago. It is bread, spreading margarine (or butter) and almonds (poodle and/or dice) mixed with sugar before toast. Because the blending of them are vary, you can taste a variety of taste by shops.
We are pleased to introduce Hamamoto Coffee, in the per middle of Miyuki shopping street. Since 1975, it is the popular coffee shop and many regular customers coming from early morning. They selected siphon coffee extraction, that is said from England originally and recently seen in Japan and US, of good coffee aroma. Almond toast with the coffee is the best. You can enjoy crisp sliced almonds. Half of cinnamon and almond toast is also recommended.


Autumn Festival around Himeji Castle -1 “Jyunisyo Shrine’s Autumn Festival”

In the autumn of Himeji, many festivals are held in various locations of the suburbs. Most of them are appreciated the harvest of autumn to God. The festival is held more than 100 shrines. Many shops are there and the Mikoshi (portable shrine) will Jyunko (cruise) around the town.
“Jyunisyo Shrine’s Autumn Festival” is one of the autumn festival in Himeji. It will be held at Jyunisyo Shrine, approximately a 10-minute walk to the west of Himeji Station, in Oct. 8[Sat] and 9[Sun] this year. In the evening of Oct. 8, children will enter the stage with 12 groups of Mikoshi. In the morning of Oct. 9, they will Jyunko the groups of Mikoshi around the town. Then noon, they will gather to the shrine. It is not a kind of glamorous festival, but you should enjoy the warm atmosphere that has been handed down in the area. And more, the shrine is also famous for Okiku’s as ghost of “Banshu Sara Yashiki”. “Okiikujinja” is in there.

Jyunisyo Shrine’s Autumn Festival
Oct 8 – 9, 2016
120 Jyunisyomae, Himeji


Autumn Festival in Himeji -1 “Ebisu Miya Tenma Shrine Autumn Festival”

Autumn Festival around Himeji Castle -1 “Ebisu Miya Tenma Shrine Autumn Festival”

At October, many Autumn festivals are held in Himeji-Harima area. Originally, because of the conservative point of view, these kind of festival is not for foreign tourist. However in recent years, it has been increased that will welcome. Following is also easy to visit.
In Shikama, about 4 km south from Himeji Station, there are “Ebisu Miya Tenma Shrine” and “Hamanomiya Tenmangu”. These two shrines held Autumn Festival. Mostly around 9:30 of Oct 9[Sun] is recommended. Because 8 kinds of Yatai will get together at Shikama Station (Sanyo Railways) and stalling toward Ebisu Miya Tenma Shrine. You can reach the shrine easily with them.
“Daiba Neri”, only chosen men give right to stall (Otokoshu-guys) more than 1 tons of Yatai, is one of the best attractions. Their act of heavy stalling are must-see. But, don’t too close to the act. It is strictly forbidden to interfere with the progress of the stalls. Please be sure that you fully understand that the stalls are those sacred. In addition, because of very busy days, you can’t go there by car or taxi. And that, Otokoshu-guys are dressed only in underwear. Do not forget about it.

Ebisu Miya Tenma Shrine Autumn Festival
Oct 8 – 9, 2016
Ebisu Miya Tenma Shrine, 14 Ebisu, Shikama, Himeji
10 mins walk from Shikama Station, Sanyo Railways