Autumn Festival in Himeji -1 “Ebisu Miya Tenma Shrine Autumn Festival”

Autumn Festival around Himeji Castle -1 “Ebisu Miya Tenma Shrine Autumn Festival”

At October, many Autumn festivals are held in Himeji-Harima area. Originally, because of the conservative point of view, these kind of festival is not for foreign tourist. However in recent years, it has been increased that will welcome. Following is also easy to visit.
In Shikama, about 4 km south from Himeji Station, there are “Ebisu Miya Tenma Shrine” and “Hamanomiya Tenmangu”. These two shrines held Autumn Festival. Mostly around 9:30 of Oct 9[Sun] is recommended. Because 8 kinds of Yatai will get together at Shikama Station (Sanyo Railways) and stalling toward Ebisu Miya Tenma Shrine. You can reach the shrine easily with them.
“Daiba Neri”, only chosen men give right to stall (Otokoshu-guys) more than 1 tons of Yatai, is one of the best attractions. Their act of heavy stalling are must-see. But, don’t too close to the act. It is strictly forbidden to interfere with the progress of the stalls. Please be sure that you fully understand that the stalls are those sacred. In addition, because of very busy days, you can’t go there by car or taxi. And that, Otokoshu-guys are dressed only in underwear. Do not forget about it.

Ebisu Miya Tenma Shrine Autumn Festival
Oct 8 – 9, 2016
Ebisu Miya Tenma Shrine, 14 Ebisu, Shikama, Himeji
10 mins walk from Shikama Station, Sanyo Railways