Autumn Festival around Himeji Castle -2 “Shimotsuki Festival at Harima-no-kuni Sosha”

During November 13 to 16, Shimotsuki Festival will be held at Harima-no-kuni Sosha, 10-minute walk from Himeji Castle. It is the finale of autumn festival in Harima area. The main event is “Mikoshi no Togyo”, Big size of portable shrines and 6 small shrines which is pulled over by children scattered around the town. And this year of 2016, the big one will be in front of Himeji Castle. Shimotsuki Festival is not a violent style such as those found in other parts of Himeji area. They caught it comparably calm atmosphere, that have left heavily medieval festival of Japan.

Shimotsuki Festival at Harima-no-kuni Sosha
– November 13 – 16, 2016
– Itate Hyouzu Shrine / Harima-no-kuni Sosha /190 Sosha-Honmachi, Himeji

Nov 16 – Schedule
– 8:00 Big and small size of portable shrines are in front of gate.
– 9:00 Small shrines are starting to town.
– 10:00 Big shrines are starting. Small and big are getting together at Nishi-Nikaimachi and having parade.
– 12:30 Starting Hakuro elementary school. having parade at Nishi-Nikaimachi.
(Schedule may change.)