Almond Toast at Old-fashioned Japanese Coffee & Confectionery Shop

Speaking of Himeji’s breakfast, Almond Toast is the best! Both volumes and cost performance are perfect, and Kineya’s “Value Breakfast” is mostly recommended. Sweetness Almond toast with boiled eggs and mini salad, with coffee or tea selectable for 400 yen! You can select the plain toast or sandwiches.
Founded in 1911 (Japanese year of Meiji 44th). Kineya which holds 11 stores such as cake shops, coffee shops, restaurants in Himeji city. The head office is in Nikaimachi Shopping Street, about 10 minutes walk from Himeji station towards Himeji Castle. Japanese sweets displayed in front of the shop are the landmark. Old-fashioned Japanese coffee & confectionery shop. Because the street has the arcade, you don’t get wet in rain. Opening all the year.

Kineya Nikaimachi
95 Nikaimachi, Himeji
– Open : 7: 30 – 19: 00
– Closed : No Holidays
– Phone : 079-285-3509