Bean-Throwing Festival in Sosya Shrine

From 15:00 on February 3 every year, Bean-Throwing Festival is held at Harimanokuni Sosya Shrine. Bean-Throwing is a ritual ceremony in Japan. The throwing of roasted beans mean
to exorcise demons and ogres bringing epidemic and misfortune, and bring happiness inside. It is held not only at shrines and temples but also at home. Many people gathered in Harimanokuni Sosya Shrine on that day, people compete for beans and rice cakes with bags. In Japan, it is said that if you eat beans as much as your age, you can live healthily and happily for a year.

Bean-Throwing Festival in Sosya Shrine
Feb. 3, 15:00
190 Sosya-Honmachi, Himeji
15 mins walk from Himeji Station