“W-Nikaimachi Festa” in two shopping districts

Nikaimachi Shopping Street and Nishi-Nikaimachi Shopping Street, which extend from east to west in the center of Himeji. It has been popular as the most historic shopping street in Himeji city. On Feb 15 and Mar 15, W-Nikaimachi Festa will be held.
Every month of 15th at 12:00 and 14:00 at Nikaimachi Shopping Street, on the east side of Otemae-dori, the event “Harenohi Nikaimachi” is held. The day is in conjunction with the day of worshiping “Harimano-kuni Sosha Shrine”. When auspicious ball named Kusudama established in shopping districts are opened twice at 11:00 and 14:00. And various kind of presents are flying on heads of people waiting.
Every month of third Wednesday at Nishi-Nikaimachi Shopping Street, on the west side of Otemae-dori, one coin Rakugo festival of “Shichifuku Yose” is held. On this day, when you bring an admission ticket to a member store, you can receive various services.
You will get various benefits on W-Nikaimachi Festa. Come and visit the stores.

W-Nikaimachi Festa
Feb 15 and Mar 15, 2017
Nikaimachi Shopping Street, Nishi-Nikaimachi Shopping Street

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