Seasonal Food : Taste freshly, Strawberry Picking

Japanese strawberries are famous for big and sweet. The following strawberry farms are about 30 minutes reach by car or bus from central Himeji. You can enjoy strawberry picking every February and March. In both farms, strawberries are cultivated in a planter box on a long table set in greenhouse, and you can harvest without squatting but standing. Then your shoes will not get dirty. Also, because several kinds of strawberries are grown in the greenhouse, you can enjoy various flavors depending on the variety.

Himeji Heart-Full Kanko Nouen
– 13-2 Yamatomi Yumasaki-cyo, Himeji
(Shinki Bus “Syosha Golf-jyo mae” Station, Bound for Maenosyo, Yamanouchi)
– Phone 0779-337-3715
– Adult 3,000yen/30 mins, Child 2,000yen/30min, Infant 1,000yen/30min

Yumesaki Ichigo House
– 585-1 Miyaoki Yumesaki-cyo, Himeji
(Shinki Bus “Miyaoki” Station, Bound for Maenosyo, Yamanouchi)
– Phone : 080-8306-1762
– Adult 2,300yen/30 mins, Child 1,700yen/30min, Infant 1,000yen/30min

Himeji City Tourist Information Center (Navi Port)
– 210-2 Ekimae, Himeji (At JR Himeji Station’s concourse)
– Open : 9:00 – 19:00
– Phone : 079-287-0003