The finest kind of Sake “Daiginjyo” which is made of the king of sake-rice, Yamada Nishiki

Himeji is famous for its delicious sake. It is because the area around Himeji is the origin of the “Yamada Nishiki”, the king of sake-rice that monopolizes the highest rank in a sake competition. Most of them are cultivated in Hyogo Prefecture where Himeji is located and are preferentially used in this area. Especially recommended is “Daiginjyo” made only of the center part of polished sake-rice.
“Tatsuriki Shop”, the direct shop of Himeji’s sake brewery, is located in the underground shopping area of Himeji Station. You can taste Daiginjyo at a reasonable price with standing-and-drinking style. As for snack, they also serve Kamaboko, boiled fish-paste made by “Hatoya”, the company in Himeji. Enjoy the best class sake that Himeji boasts.

Tatsuriki Shop
188-1 Ekimae-cyo, B1 Floor in Himeji Chikagai Gran-Festa 2nd St., Himeji
Phone : 079-221-3562
Open : 10:00 – 20:00

Himeji City Tourist Information Center (Navi Port)
– 210-2 Ekimae, Himeji (At JR Himeji Station’s concourse)
– Open : 9:00 – 19:00
– Phone : 079-287-0003