“Himeji Mentetsu” the warmhearted Ramen shop

About 7 minutes walk from Himeji station, there is a sophisticated appearance ramen shop “Himeji Mentetsu” in the Omizo-suji shopping mall. “Tsukemen Himeji” is one of the recommended by the owner who loves Himeji castle. It is decorated like, sea-weed as the castle tower, noodle as the rampart and roasted pork fillet as the stone wall. You can tell it Himeji castle at a glance. 3 kinds of soup, soy sauce, miso and tomato, are available. The most popular one is the soy sauce, ginger-mixed sweet taste with meat dumplings. It’s deliciously light flavor.

The miso taste contains Chinese cabbage, sweet flying and hormones. It’s rich taste.

The tomato taste is popular among women. It’s cheesy tomato taste. Risotto is also excellent to finish off eating.

What’s more wonderful is the hospitality of owners and staff! They are facing straightly and cherishing the moment. Your mind and body may also be warmed up by their attitude. You surely say ”I want to go to eat again, I want to see also the owner and everyone of the staff!” Also the shop’s interior decoration to feel the warmth of the tree as must-sees.

Himeji Mentetsu
18 Gafuku-machi, Himeji
Phone : 079-287-6909
Open : 11:30 – 15:00 / 17:30 – 21:00
Closed : Mon. (the following day if it is a holiday)