Want to bite freshly baked Taiyaki – Good for small gift.

Turning west to Otemae Street, walking down to Nishi-Nikaimachi Shopping Street, and then you’ll get sweet smells. You can find the shop “Taiyaki Honpo Yu-Ji Dou“, delicious Taiyaki (fish-shaped pancake filled with bean jam) baked in front of you. The main menu is the Taiyaki with granular bean jam. Over 30 minutes, thin fabric baked with a tricky skill is a crisp texture, and when you eat a bite, hot bean jam comes out slowly. It is not too sweet but light taste. And that is packed tightly from head to tail.
Sometimes you have to wait to eat, but it worth. Because if you get one, want have another. It might be fun to take pictures that bytes Taiyaki deliciously at everyone!

Taiyaki Honpo Yu-Ji Dou, Honten, Nishi-Nikaimachi-cyo Store
– Address : 14 Nishi-Nikaimachi, Himeji
– Phone : 079-289-8562
– Opening : 10: 00 – 19: 00 (Ends as sold out)
– Closed : Thursday

(Interviewed by Yurika Maeda and Maho Nishigaki – Graduate School Student of Human Science and Environment, University of Hyogo.)

“Himeji Mentetsu” the warmhearted Ramen shop

About 7 minutes walk from Himeji station, there is a sophisticated appearance ramen shop “Himeji Mentetsu” in the Omizo-suji shopping mall. “Tsukemen Himeji” is one of the recommended by the owner who loves Himeji castle. It is decorated like, sea-weed as the castle tower, noodle as the rampart and roasted pork fillet as the stone wall. You can tell it Himeji castle at a glance. 3 kinds of soup, soy sauce, miso and tomato, are available. The most popular one is the soy sauce, ginger-mixed sweet taste with meat dumplings. It’s deliciously light flavor.

The miso taste contains Chinese cabbage, sweet flying and hormones. It’s rich taste.

The tomato taste is popular among women. It’s cheesy tomato taste. Risotto is also excellent to finish off eating.

What’s more wonderful is the hospitality of owners and staff! They are facing straightly and cherishing the moment. Your mind and body may also be warmed up by their attitude. You surely say ”I want to go to eat again, I want to see also the owner and everyone of the staff!” Also the shop’s interior decoration to feel the warmth of the tree as must-sees.

Himeji Mentetsu
18 Gafuku-machi, Himeji
Phone : 079-287-6909
Open : 11:30 – 15:00 / 17:30 – 21:00
Closed : Mon. (the following day if it is a holiday)

The finest kind of Sake “Daiginjyo” which is made of the king of sake-rice, Yamada Nishiki

Himeji is famous for its delicious sake. It is because the area around Himeji is the origin of the “Yamada Nishiki”, the king of sake-rice that monopolizes the highest rank in a sake competition. Most of them are cultivated in Hyogo Prefecture where Himeji is located and are preferentially used in this area. Especially recommended is “Daiginjyo” made only of the center part of polished sake-rice.
“Tatsuriki Shop”, the direct shop of Himeji’s sake brewery, is located in the underground shopping area of Himeji Station. You can taste Daiginjyo at a reasonable price with standing-and-drinking style. As for snack, they also serve Kamaboko, boiled fish-paste made by “Hatoya”, the company in Himeji. Enjoy the best class sake that Himeji boasts.

Tatsuriki Shop
188-1 Ekimae-cyo, B1 Floor in Himeji Chikagai Gran-Festa 2nd St., Himeji
Phone : 079-221-3562
Open : 10:00 – 20:00

Himeji City Tourist Information Center (Navi Port)
– 210-2 Ekimae, Himeji (At JR Himeji Station’s concourse)
– Open : 9:00 – 19:00
– Phone : 079-287-0003

Shabu-Shabu, All-you-can-eat with 80 kinds of sushi!

Having Shabu-Shabu in Japan? At “kagonoya”, all you can eat Shabu-Shabu warming your heart and body! If you add some fee, all-you-can-drink alcoholic drinks!
What recommend is “Premium Course, the upper kind of beef Shabu-Shabu”. All-you-can-eat 80 kinds of cuisine including sushi, skewered deep-fried dishes, boiled soybeans and so on! Japanese seasonal dishes are also recomended. The shop is about 10 minutes on foot from Himeji Castle and it is open all year round. Simplified English, Chinese and Korean menu are available. In addition, they do not have all-you-can-eat during the daytime on weekdays but the set menu. Please be careful.
– Budget average : 3,000 – 5,000 yen
– Time limit 120 minutes (30 minutes before the last order)
– Order on the Japanese touch panel. Please use it while checking with the menu table.

Wasyoku & Shabu-Shabu, Kagonoya Himeji Shiminkaikan-mae
68-71 Honmachi, Himeji
Phone : 079-225-8880
Open : Weekdays : 11:00 – 15:00 / 17:00 – 22:30, Sat., Sun & Holiday : 11:00 – 22:30

Fluffy pancake with plenty of meringue

Surfboard is the landmark, the Hawaiian Restaurant “Loco’s Diner” where there is a relaxing atmosphere of a southern country style located on a narrow staircase. It is a pancake that contains plenty of meringue. You put it in your mouth, it will melt shower.

Among them, blueberries & sour cream taste are the most popular among foreign tourists. Blueberry fruit on top of the blueberry-kneaded dough with nice and sweet sour cream and maple syrup. Because meringue and dough are difficult to mix, the fluffy pancake have been realized after lots of trials and errors. Various flavors such as cinnamon banana and nuts & whip can be chosen. The shop is located in the Omizosuji Shopping Street, two lines east from Otemae Street connecting Himeji Station and Himeji Castle.

(Interview by Ian Chu and Yurika Maeda, – Graduate School student of Human Science and Environment, University of Hyogo.)

Loco’s Diner
– 19 Gofuku-machi, Ebisuya Building, Himeji
– Open Weekdays 11: 00-15: 00, 18: 00-23: 00 / Sat, Sun and Public holidays 11: 00 – 15: 00, 18: 00 – 22: 00
– Closed : Monday (In case of holiday, next day)
– Phone 079-280-3415

Having dinner alone at “Yakitori Kimura”

Want to have dinner at popular local shop?
Discouraging to enter shop alone?

Yakitori Kimura is the perfect!

The shop is located at Honmachi shopping street, between Himeji Station and Himeji Castle.

It has not a big space then the shop may always crowded. They use fresh Tajima chicken – Fried chicken with bone, raw liver and raw breast meat which is always sold out soon.

One Yakitori skewer from 130 yen. Very reasonable price and the personality of Chiaki mom, owner, attracts people every day.

6 years ago she took over the shop from her mother. Her bright laughter lights up your night life in a foreign country of Himeji.

Yakitori Kimura
– 68 Honmachi, Himeji
– Open : 17:00 – 22:00 (L.O. 21:30)
– Close : Sun., National Holiday
– Phone : 079-282-3881

Almond Toast at Old-fashioned Japanese Coffee & Confectionery Shop

Speaking of Himeji’s breakfast, Almond Toast is the best! Both volumes and cost performance are perfect, and Kineya’s “Value Breakfast” is mostly recommended. Sweetness Almond toast with boiled eggs and mini salad, with coffee or tea selectable for 400 yen! You can select the plain toast or sandwiches.
Founded in 1911 (Japanese year of Meiji 44th). Kineya which holds 11 stores such as cake shops, coffee shops, restaurants in Himeji city. The head office is in Nikaimachi Shopping Street, about 10 minutes walk from Himeji station towards Himeji Castle. Japanese sweets displayed in front of the shop are the landmark. Old-fashioned Japanese coffee & confectionery shop. Because the street has the arcade, you don’t get wet in rain. Opening all the year.

Kineya Nikaimachi
95 Nikaimachi, Himeji
– Open : 7: 30 – 19: 00
– Closed : No Holidays
– Phone : 079-285-3509

Lightly and softly Pancake of “Café Rei”


Café Rei is the Italian cafe located at 3 minutes west from Sanyo Railways Himeji Station. The shop is decorated such as being in a picture book, by the owner’s taste of fairly and fantasy. While he worked 10 years as a pastry chef, he loves the shop’s decoration like this. Food menu, such as lunch and dinner also has been enhanced, but the pancake shuffle is the best recommended. ‘Sicily’ — the pistachio-based-cream-pancake, and ‘Rouge’ — a combination of chocolate ice and raspberries, vanilla ice in rare cheese cream, is also. You can order pancakes after 15:00 because the owner take good time to bake it deliciously.

Café Rei
– 12 Shinobu-machi, Himeji
– Lunch 11:00 – 15:00 (L.O. 14:30) / Dinner 18:00 -23:00 (L.O. 22:30)
– Closing Day : Wed.
– Phone 079-227-6361

The almond toast of homemade bread, Komfee Cafe

When you are in Himeji, almond toast is the best for breakfast. Since toast before spreading almond butter, you can enjoy crispy and hot bread.
Komufee, near Himeji Castle, at Honmachi shopping street, is the cafe. At morning time, 8:00 – 11:30, the shop proud to serve almond toast of homemade bread with macaroni and egg salad everyday by affordable price. In addition, you can choose from plain butter, honey cinnamon and strawberry sauce. English menus are available. Very friendly for travelers.

Recommended for vegetarian, beans curry! “Spice Suehiro”

While genuine curry, it is easy to eat. “Spice Suehiro” is concerned with this.
Beans curry of lentils and potatoes are softer texture, is blended more than 10 kinds of various spices, then recommended for vegetarians. The plates arranged with potato sabzi (fried with spices), pickles, basil tofu and papad (Indian crackers). And with small salad. “Since the beans curry is not on the menu, please ask us,” the shop owner said. English menu is coming soon.